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Real Estate Salesperson Websites

Why Choose Inhabit?

We offer great Salesperson Websites with loads of features and flexibility, but best of all we make it very easy for you to get your own website online quickly, all at a very reasonable price.

With great websites starting from only $995 upfront and $99 per month. Inhabit websites are excellent value and loaded with features.

Salesperson Website Profile

Be Seen Online...

Share your success with potential customers. Website are a great platform to share your passion and success with customers. With heaps of room to share your story Inhabit websites wont limit you to a limited number of pages.

Listings and Past Sales

Current Listings and Past Sales

Your current listings and past sales are very important for many reasons. For potential buyers and sellers it shows your activity and past success. For search engines like google it provides important information to increase your sites visability to potential customers via SEO.

Salesperson BLOG


If you'd like to write regular informative articles we've got a nice built in BLOG system. No computer skills necessary.

Salesperson Testimonials


Testimonials are a great way to reassure customers of your ability. With a built in testimonial section they are quick and easy to add and update anytime.

CMS Editing

Easily Updated & Edited

Being about to update your own website not only saves you money but it allows your own creative ideas to take shape.

Real Estate Website Easy

We'll make it Easy

When you are busy listing and selling it can be difficult to take the time out to get a website built. We understand this and do as much as we can to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

SEO Real Estate Websites

Built-In SEO

Make sure your potential customers can find you. That means specially designing your website so search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing place your site towards the top of customers search results.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Display your Twitter tweets on your website and link it to your Facebook or Linkedin account.