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AgencyMax - Overview

Inhabit's top of the range real estate software solution, AgencyMax has been specifically written for those real estate offices wanting not only to get their listings on the internet, but a software solution that will help them implement systems and business processes that will positively affect their bottom line.

AgencyMax is truly an end to end real estate software system. Built from the ground up, drawing on 20 years of experience in delivering real estate software solutions.

A real estate system that streamlines your operations and can grow with your business and continues to exceed your increasing expectations. A comprehensive solution that encompasses all the features you need within one, integrated real estate system so information need only be entered once.

AgencyMax is built for the Principal of a Real Estate business yet understands that giving your Salepeople the tools and support they need is central to your success. A system that can monitor not only your business and Salespeople's progress and market share, but can also monitor that of your competitors.

Full integration with your website, salespeople mobile software, marketing, emailing and CRM endeavors, sales administrations and trust accounting, makes AgencyMax a complete business wide solution. All available from one software company.


A summary of the overall features:

  • Suitable for Residential or mixed Real Estate Offices
  • Suitable for Commercial & Industrial Specalists
  • Suitable for Project Marketing, Property Developers and Land Marketing Specalists
  • Suitable for Rural Specalists
  • Report Designer
  • Import and Export
  • Documents & Forms
  • Comprehensive Searching
  • Send Bulk Emails and SMS
  • Full diary and workflow features
  • Store documents against contacts (eg. word, excel, PDFs)
  • Advanced security control
  • Collect of demographic information for research, specifically for project marketing
  • Link AgencyMax to your website:
    • Sellers can log into your website to monitor progress of their sale, supports sellers (developers) with many listings for sale at once
    • Buyers can log into your website to update their person details and buying preferences