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A fully integrated mobile real estate solution suitable for an individual salesperson or an entire office. It can be used linked to our AgencyMax or Litehouse systems.

Put Mobile Technology to Work!

Freedom is unlike any other mobile real estate apps, its fully integrated with two different fully featured real estate systems, AgencyMax and Litehouse. AgencyMax is a traditional desktop system built on modern technology that allows unprecidented features, power and autonomy. Litehouse is a web based system who's strength is ease of use while provide many great features.

Building Freedom on top of Inhabit's two main products have allowed a very feature rich product that collects its data from all aspects of the Real Estate cycle for the benefit of the Salesperson.

However, we know there are lots of Salesperson who would like their own tools and don't want to be concerned with the software their office or franchise peddles. We've taken that to heart and have integrated Freedom with Litehouse. This means a salesperson can use Freedom for their own personal initatives without being constrainted by their Office or Franchises choice in Technology (which often places the Saleperson requirements well down their list of priorities).

We've given Freedom the mandate to perform three fundamental tasks

  • Provide fast easy access to information
  • Do real work on-the-go.
  • Provide the tools to support critical review and measureable improvement.

However, it gets real exciting when you can do pro-active work, especially on a iPad or Android Tablet.

Scenario 1 You meet a buyer at a quite open home, perhaps this property is not suitable, so, add their details and requirements into Freedom, do a match pass your iPad or Tablet to them and let then flick through the properties, marking those of interest.

Scenario 2 You are meeting with a potential seller. Keen to win the listing you match their listing against all the buyers in your office, (dont worry if your office doesn't share buyers - They'll still match but their details will be hidden). You can show them the results on your iPad or Tablet.

Scenario 3 Still in your seller meeting, now it would be a great time to log them into the Seller login of your website, where they can see their property's sales progress. They'll be able to see all inspections and comments, all the tasks you and your office have performed, statement of advertising accounts, website traffic and enquires.

Scenario 4 You're early to an open home why not bring up your task screen and call buyers and vendors who are due for a followup call. All at a press of a button. Best of all, its all recorded on your mobile device and back at the office immediately.

Freedom Features at a Glance

  • Diary, Tasks and Callbacks

    Manage your appointments, phone call history and diary notes. Call clients by just tapping on their phone numbers, send sms or emails straight from the phone or tablet*.

    Manage your tasks, callbacks and past sale anniversaries. Just tap on a task to make a call, send an email or send a text*. Schedule another related task with just a few taps.

  • Appraisals, Listings, Past Sales and Properties

    Follow-up your appraisals or record new ones. Appraisals will appear in your Office system immediately, so your admin support can product authorities, CMAs and other materials.

    Search and view your listings. View photos, inspections, important changes, and diary entries. With the optional ability to allow for editing listing information like price changes and advertising text.

    Quickly lookup your sales when you need to check details, such as price, date, seller or buyer. You can search for sales using suburb, street, price range, bedroom, and many other criteria.

    Freedom connects to AgencyMax's property database, it can view all your the properties in your area, including their past sale date and amount. If you import property data, all that information is available on Freedom.

  • Doing Real Work

    Send fantastic looking email, or plain text personal ones when your out of the office. Have all your phone numbers on hand and just tap your diary task to immediately make a call. Its sounds simple, but it allows you to get more emails, sms and phone calls done and makes it fun in the process.

  • Coaching & KPIs

    Coaching & KPIs combined with mobile technology is truely revolutionary. For many many years Inhabit's software has had tools to try and assist both the Owner of a Real Estate business and its Salespeople to understand their strengths and weakness, to help them set goals and to improve their income. But once you make it personal and place it within your own hands, where it updates immediately and give you tangible feedback in dollar terms for each positice step forward, its a freakish motivator.

  • Contacts, Buyers, Sellers & Potential Sellers

    Search, view, add and edit contacts. Contacts can have preferences, such as suburbs and price range. Lookup what properties they have inspected.

    Features a smart search, where it anticipates whether you are searching for a mobile, other phone number, email, name or address. So it can very quickly find the contacts you are looking for with the fewest keystrokes. If you only have part of a phone numbers or only a first name it will locate all matching contacts.

  • View and Record Inspections

    Record your inspections as they happen. Qualified buyers, those who we know they are genuine buyers with their preferences on file can be easily identified from just open home attendees. This makes it very simple to work through attendees and ensure they have all been qualified.

    Send an email to your Seller after you've collected feedback from their open home, with the feedback attached, or if you have an Inhabit Office website your inspections can be viewed by your Sellers when they log into their special section of the website.

  • Ease of Use

    Freedom is intuative and fun to use. You can search quickly and Freedom guesses what you're after to reduce the number of taps you need to get things done.

  • Match Buyers to Listings

    Quickly and easily match your buyers with all your offices listings. Then review those matched listings, even show your buyer and let then flick through the listings marking the ones they'd like to inspect or get more information on.

  • Other Handy Salesperson Tools

    • Commission Calculator
    • Mortgage Calculator
    • Affordability Calculator
    • Stamp Duty Calculator
    • Business Expense Tracker
    • Vehicle Log Book

Click here to learn more about the devices Freedom will operate on.